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Long Term Care Insurance: Premium Discounts
Sunday, 01 November 2020 13:27

If you are Married or in a Domestic Partnership, if both of you are issued a Long Term Care insurance policy, then you may be eligible for a 15% Partner Discount. If only one policy is issued, then you may be eligible for a 5% Partner Discount.

If your health is much better than average for a person your age, you may be eligible for a 15% Preferred Health Discount.

Are you a member of an Association? Then we should talk. Certain Associations have endorsed insurance companies and one of the benefits of your membership can be a 5% Association Group Discount off of your Long Term Care insurance premium.

If you can persuade at least two of your co-workers to apply for Long Term Care insurance, then you and all your co-workers may be eligible for a 5% Common Employer Discount.

Are you an insurance agent? We have carriers that offer a 5% Producer Discount.

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