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Life Insurance During Economic Recovery
Saturday, 11 April 2020 16:40

If you need life insurance, but you've lost income during lockdowns caused by the Coronavirus and Covid-19 disease, there is an affordable solution.

That solution is Annual Renewable Term (ART), which is the lowest starting premium life insurance policy. The premiums for ART are even lower than the premiums for 10-year level term and other level term policies.

What should you look for in an Annual Renewable Term policy?

Easy to apply. The better companies will have an electronic application so that your agent can take the application over the phone.

Conversion options. The better policies will have a conversion option so that you can upgrade your policy to a level premium policy. The best ART policies include term to level term conversion option in addition to other forms of level premium life insurance, such as Whole Life, Guaranteed Universal Life, and Indexed Universal Life.

Conversion credits. The better term life insurance policies offer conversion credits so that you can use your premium dollars twice when you exercise your conversion options.

Living Benefits. These features give you the option to accelerate your policy's benefits when there has been a significant change in your health. For example, having a heart attack or stroke, being diagnosed with life-threatening cancer, requiring regular assistance with Activities of Daily Living, becoming cognitively impaired (dementia, Alzheimer's), or being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Large lump sums of cash can make big differences in the quality of life when someone faces a health challenge.

Waiver of Premium. This policy rider enables you to keep your policy inforce when you become disabled and cannot work.

Do you want a quote?

Quotes are always free. Unfortunately, nobody has an online quoting system that includes ART these days. I can provide them via email or over the telephone. The call is on me at (800) 680-5596, or you can complete the form below: