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$1 Million in Your Retirement Plan, Guaranteed
Monday, 04 December 2017 18:35

Business owners and professionals -- Are you saving enough for retirement?

Most business owners and professionals will need at least $1 million in retirement to maintain their lifestyle – and will your family be able to maintain their lifestyle and meet ongoing and future expenses if something should happen to you?

Would you be interested in a retirement plan that will provide at least $1 MILLION to you and your family whether or not you live to retirement – and provide a current tax deduction for your business?

A 412(e)(3) Defined Benefit Plan May Be Right For You!

These plans can be designed to favor the owner and provide large business deductions. These plans are particularly suited for business owners and professionals who have few or no employees – or only family members. They are designed to maximize the plan contribution for the owner to enable him to accumulate funds for his retirement over a short period of time.

Below are annual contributions and tax deductions for typical ages.



The IRS created special tax code section 412(e)(3) for these plans. They are exempt from many of the requirements of traditional defined benefit plans as an insurance company must guarantee the plan benefits.

For more information on the $1 Million Guaranteed Plan please contact yours truly:

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Note: The contributions above are based upon the guaranteed annuity purchase rates, the guaranteed insurance cash values, and the guaranteed annuity accumulation rates of American National Insurance Company 412(e)(3) qualified life and annuity products. Normal retirement is age 62 in these examples. This is not intended to be tax or legal advice from American National or its agents. Please consult your tax advisor or attorney for advice in your specific situation.